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Start now and secure advantages

Secure your starting bonus up to €1,500. This varies by region. For more information about your location, click here.

You can also bring anyone with you who also wants to work with us and will receive a bonus of up to €500 after they start.

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Together with Amazon, we offer secure jobs even in pandemic times!

Your health and safety is top priority for us and our costumer Amazon. The current safety precautions are constantly under examination and are adjusted regularly.

Amazon is offering free CoVid testing as well as free surgical face masks. In addition to that, amazon is offering free vaccination to all employees.

You would like to learn more about that topic. We recommend you take a look at the blog post over on Amazons dayone blog:

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A job like no other!

Have you ever wondered how your package gets home? Experience it at first hand, as many new jobs are created in logistics every day of the week. Hand in hand with your colleagues you can ensure that these orders are delivered completely and on time. Let yourself be convinced and join the team.

Above average wage

With us you start with at least 13 €/ hour. Well above the minimum wage for warehouse work in the region. There is also paid overtime and various bonus payments.

Modern workplace

You will receive comfortable and modern PPE, your own locker and free coffee, water and tea.

Great team

Fixed contact persons for each shift and an appreciative and international environment welcome you to an innovative technology leader. We employ both German and English-speaking colleagues.


Almost all locations are easy to reach by public transport, secure up to €50 additional payment for your job ticket. Don't you have public transport? - Use Amazon's free shuttle bus. If you come by car, you will find sufficient free parking spaces on site.

Choose your shifts

Your work, your life, that's the idea. Choose your shifts individually, so you have enough time for family and free time, the perfect work-life-balance.

Different strengths
are required

There are many different tasks waiting for you in the warehouse. The various areas in which different strengths are demanded are presented to you here.

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"I've been working for Gi Group since 2012 and I'm very satisfied because they have different tasks in the warehouse, so I never get bored here."

"I've been here for three months looking for a job where I'm on the move all day. The start was uncomplicated and those who do their jobs with concentration are offered a wide range of development opportunities."

"I like my work because I have had many great colleagues here for 3 years, whom I look forward to every day. Through different shifts, I'm always meeting new people."

What our employees say

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Your job offers at Amazon

Apply directly in the Amazon applicant portal at the location of your choice

Working in logistics

Sorting activities

If you like to give a helping hand, you will fit in the sorting area. Here the parcels arrive from small to large. They are unloaded and sorted according to specified criteria. At Amazon, other locations compile the orders and pack them. You organize in your city e.g. according to postal codes. In trolleys, the packages are put together so that they can then be loaded into the appropriate delivery vehicles. Handling the parcels requires concentration from you at the right speed. Since parcels can weigh up to 31kg, you must also be physically fit.

Delivery agent

At Amazon you have the possibility to deliver packages to your customers on your own and to bring a smile to their faces. After the pre-sorted packages have been loaded into the transporter, the navigation system shows you the optimal route for a punctual delivery. There is also a team leader available to you, whom you can always call if you have any questions and who will provide spontaneous support. You are not paid by parcel, but receive an hourly wage.

Airport Business

If you like to work outdoors, the airport is the right place for you. Here you can prepare the airfreight containers for the transport in the airplane. If you prefer to work indoors, yoou can work in the warehouse and unload the delivered goods, sort them and prepare them for transport in the airfreight containers. Safety and quality are very important in this work, so you will receive extensive training on these topics beforehand. To work at the airport, you must pass an background check (ZÜP).